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Optimized Pipe Recovery & Fishing Solution

Reach Production Quickly
no matter what the issue

When you have stuck pipe and other obstructions, and need to minimize Non-Productive Time (NPT), we’re ready. KLX Energy Services offers an Optimized Fishing and Pipe Recovery package that bundles everything needed to get back on track, including specialized tools and the talent it takes to use them properly.

From custom-engineered technologies to field-ready talent, we put everything together in one streamlined solution. This means deploying a team of proven experts who can read the situation accurately, and assess next steps. All with immediate access to thousands of fit-for-purpose tools ranging from specialty cutters to a variety of fishing jars, tools, mills and overshots.

Integrated Services

Providing mission-critical operations support is what KLX Energy Services does best. We take some of the most experienced crews in the country—experts who know your area of operation—and give them everything they need to succeed.

  • Skilled technicians who can quickly and accurately determine the issue and resolve it quickly
  • Project managers who keep things efficient and help minimize downtime
  • Support throughout every phase of your operation
Specialized tools

From intervention essentials to proprietary downhole technologies, we have what you need to get past the problem.

  • Every fishing tool imaginable including milling and cutting tools, left-handed pipe, power swivels and motors, staged, repaired and recertified at a facility near your job
  • Custom designed pipe recovery tools like freepoint and chemical cutters and jet cutters
  • Pressure equipment and services including high-pressure recoveries, back off services and total pressure control packages
  • Custom coiled tubing units ready for 24/7 service on any application
  • An advanced fleet of wireline and slickline units with top-of-the-line electronics