Frac Relief
Valve System

Frac Relief Valve System

The Smarter Alternative to Conventional "Pop-Off" Frac Valves.

Conventional "pop-up" frac relief valves provide basic safety—but present a significant challenge to operational efficiency and accuracy. Screen outs or equipment malfunctions can set these systems off, requiring needless delays and hassles because of required teardown, re-certification, etc. But the KLX Frac Relief Valve System opens and closes the system at pre-set pressure levels with extreme accuracy, minimizing pop-off valve-related NPT while maximizing safety.

  • Opens and closes automatically according to user-determined settings
  • Captures system pressure and operating data in real-time
  • Capable of real-time remote diagnostics and monitoring of system
  • Enables on-the-fly adjustable open/close settings
  • Dumps pressure quickly (less than a second) with zero reduction in ID from 1502 iron to valve

The KLX Frac Relief Valve System helps streamline frac operations without compromising personnel, wellbore or reservoir safety. The system even has a proprietary "fail-open" design and self-reporting diagnostic alert to ensure total field safety.

Frac Relief Valve System

System Specifications

  • 15,000psi pressure rating
  • Redundant backup valves
  • Digital control in FCC
  • Battery life 16-20 hours (under normal operating conditions)
  • Records 18 readings per second
  • Requires 110v outlet 20 amp power source
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