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The Pressure

Pumping Services

Pumping Services for Every Phase of the Operation

KLX Permian crews provide reliable pressure pumping that optimizes operations and increases overall efficiency at any stage of the well. From initial stimulation and formation integrity testing to post-frac analysis, we’re always ready to help your crew maximize production rates, minimize downtime and run more safely.

Our experts come equipped with a specialized fleet of pumping equipment that can perform a range of pumping-related services that include:

  • Rapid evaluations and well analysis, from DFIT and injection rate testing to BLM and RRC H-5 casing tests
  • Complete, optimized solutions including integrated services for workover, frac and coil tubing support
  • Quick determination and advisement on reservoir parameters for frac design, including formation permeability and reservoir pressure as well as other characteristics such as fluid leak-off and natural fractures
  • Availability of an advanced fleet of well-maintained pumping units including low-rate and high-rate nitrogen trucks ready for deployment across the Permian
  • Expert advice and support for any phase of operation, from initial site development through ongoing production, as well as nearby service teams available 24/7
Pumping Services
  • Pre-frac planning
  • Circulation loss prevention
  • Re-stimulation and intervention
  • Low-rate and high-rate nitrogen units
  • DFIT and injection rate testing
  • Heavy duty acidizing treatment
  • BLM and RRC H-5 casing tests
  • Workover, frac and coiled tubing support

Optimized Solutions

Bringing it all together

KLX Energy Services' optimized solutions give you immediate access to everything you need to streamline mission-critical well support operations such as millout and debris cleanup, plug-and-perf operations or pipe recovery. This includes proven experts, specialized tools and new technologies together in one package—helping get you to production or back on track quickly.

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