Always Ready
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Coiled Tubing

Ready every step
of the way

KLX Energy Services delivers some of the most reliable coil-tubing support in the industry. With service locations strategically located in the Permian, and coiled tubing products and support nationwide, our field-ready experts are positioned for rapid deployment. So whether you need coiled tubing for conventional wells—or milling, cutting and extended reach for long-lateral horizontals—we can help fast-track progress and keep you ahead.

  • Coiled-tubing teams and units ready to deploy in the Permian Basin
  • Total coverage from completion to maintenance and intervention
  • Minimal Non-Productive Time (NPT) no matter what the challenge

KLX Energy Services can perform hundreds of CT-enabled tasks and measurements across any phase of operation. This includes total coverage from pre-frac planning to flow assurance support—as well as ensuring that everything lines up with the Coiled Tubing (CT) unit. Our fleet of reliable, specialized coiled tubing units undergoes rigorous quality assurance and meticulous maintenance measures to ensure flawless field performance every time.

Completion Support
  • Large-diameter 2", 2-3/8" and 2-5/8 coil for long laterals
  • Pre-frac planning, preparation and analysis
  • Fit-for-purpose, extended-reach coiled tubing string design
  • Tubing-Conveyed Perforation (TCP)
  • Experienced fishing teams that minimize downtime
  • Plug drill-out, debris-cleaning and post-job logging (with e-coil)
Production Support
  • Small-diameter tubing less than 2"
    (for thru-tubing intervention)
  • Velocity string design, installation and removal
  • Well cleanouts
  • Acid stimulation
  • Water and CO2 injection
  • Conveyance of pumps and other hardware

Optimized Solutions

Bringing it all together

KLX Energy Services' optimized solutions give you immediate access to everything you need to streamline mission-critical well support operations such as millout and debris cleanup, plug-and-perf operations or pipe recovery. This includes proven experts, specialized tools and new technologies together in one package—helping get you to production or back on track quickly.

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