Directional Drilling

KLX Energy Services is a premium independent provider of next-level horizontal and directional drilling services throughout the North American unconventional landscape. We specialize in directional drilling and measurement-while-drilling services that provide a complete guidance solution for directional and horizontal wells.

We do whatever it takes to safely and efficiently fulfill our commitment to customers, with experienced crews and well-maintained, specialized equipment, that delivers maximum return on every project. Take your next well in a better direction with high-performance people and products from KLX Energy Services.

Measurement While Drilling

KLX’s Measurement While Drilling (MWD) services are equipped with a broad range of well placement technology, and innovative solutions to facilitate cost-effective drilling. Our advanced MWD technology allows drillers to take directional surveys in real time, providing critical data and other complementary services to help customers reach their intended target zone more efficiently.

Our best-in-class MWD platform enables industry-leading capabilities such as high transmission rates with robust surface detection algorithms, pressure-while-drilling, azimuthal gamma ray service, continuous inclination & azimuth, as well as ultra-high-resolution RPM data, hot hole capabilities and a host of other customizable MWD solutions to help customers in any drilling environment.

Proprietary, High-Performance Mud Motors

Our KLX K-Series motor fleet was designed and built for downhole performance, without losing sight of drilling efficiency or reliability. A more robust and heavier style transmission/mandrel helps balance the equipment’s responsibilities of durability with efficient transmission of torque from today’s leading power sections to the bit.

We offer K-Series sizes from 3.50” all the way to our 9.63” option, and most in between, with high-performance motors that lead the charge in mud lube technology. Moderate bit-to-bends mean complementing customer build rate requests consistently and fluidly without tightening the downhole limitations of material and design.

Available only to KLX customers, the K-Series motor’s materials and specifications were engineered in-house to specifically fight downhole fatigue and avoid creating issues prematurely. This ultra-durable design has delivered KPIs that command customers’ attention and positioned the K-Series as the go-to motor in numerous plays.

In-house control not only means exclusive performance capabilities, but also total command of every aspect of engineering, design and manufacturing. KLX customers get limitless options for changes on-the-fly, accommodation of specific requests for downhole geometry and harmonic maximization and superior quality every time.

Next-Level Well Planning

KLX’s Well Planning and Operations team utilizes Compass Directional Well Path Planning software by Landmark. Compass Directional Well Path Planning software produces spider, ladder, 3D proximity and traveling cylinder plots to provide the data needed to execute successful drilling operations.

Constant survey data management through our Real-Time Operating Center (RTOC) produces plan-versus-actual reports every morning, evening and at the request of the field or client. The 24-hour RTOC can monitor anti-collision in real-time and at every survey station when needed. Also monitors hard-line and lease-line distances, along with projection to total depth calculations.

Well planners are available on a 24-hour basis during the planning and drilling phases of each well. End of Well reports are sent to the client at the end of the well including Key Performance Indicator reports and final certified surveys are submitted to state regulatory divisions and the client.

Landmark’s WellPlan® drilling software is utilized for Torque and Drag Optimization. AutoCAD is utilized to ensure lease lines and hard lines are plotted accurately and precisely. Innova’s Well Seeker program allows for constant communication between the field and operations group, which assists with survey database management and daily reporting throughout the drilling process.

Measurement While Drilling
  • High transmission rates
  • Robust surface detection algorithms
  • Pressure-while-drilling
  • Azimuthal gamma ray service
  • Continuous inclination & azimuth
  • Ultra-high-resolution RPM data
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Hot hole capabilities
  • Custom MWD solutions
K-Series Mud Motor Fleet
  • Industry standard nationwide
  • In-house design, engineering and manufacturing
  • Proprietary materials and specifications
  • Stronger, heavier transmission/mandrel
  • Superior durability, reliability and efficiency
  • Fights fatigue to keep you on track
  • Moderate bit-to-bend design
  • Sizes from 3.5” to 9.63”
  • Custom downhole geometry/harmonic maximization
  • Consistently reliable QA/QC
Next-Level Well Planning
  • Experienced well planners with a collaboration mindset
  • Compass Directional Well Path Planning software by Landmark
  • 24-hour Real-Time Operating Center (RTOC)
  • Stronger, heavier transmission/mandrel
  • Daily and on-demand plan vs. actual reporting
  • Comprehensive project monitoring
  • Landmark WellPlan® drilling software
  • Torque and drag optimization
  • AutoCAD support for plotting performance
  • Custom downhole geometry/harmonic maximization
  • Innova Well Seeker for streamlined operations