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Fishing Services

Proven Talent.
Perfect Tools.

KLX Energy Services not only provides experienced technicians who know the job—but we also offer one of the industry's most extensive collections of fishing tools. We deploy seasoned Technical Supervisors to your site who can assess the situation accurately and put the right tools and talent on the job. Whether planned or unplanned, cased hole or open hole, we tackle the toughest downhole obstructions and complications in the minimum amount of time. Our customers:

  • Access the experience and tools it takes to address difficult fishing jobs head-on—and minimize Non-Productive Time (NPT) every time
  • Get all of the work strings needed for a quality fishing job, including every fishing tool imaginable from milling and cutting tools to power swivels and motors, all staged nearby and expertly refurbished after each job
  • Deploy proprietary downhole tools only available to KLX Energy Services customers
  • Expect superior responsiveness by expert technicians ready to deploy 24/7 from strategy locations near you
  • Bring on crews with a proven reputation of project success that oftentimes spans 20+ years through KLX Energy Services legacy companies

From freeing stuck pipe to retrieving debris from the bottom of the hole, get ready to tackle any tough fishing job with KLX Energy Services.

Fishing Services
  • Overshots
  • Spears
  • Bumper Subs
  • Lubricated Bumper Subs
  • Jars
  • Drill Collars
  • Drill Out Packs
  • Accelerators
  • Cutting Shoes
  • Mills
  • Plug and Packer Pluckers
  • Shock Tools
  • Power Swivels
  • Stabilizers
  • Fishing Work String
  • Open Hole Reamer Systems
  • Left Hand Drill Pipe and Rods
  • Washover Shoes
  • Venturi Baskets
  • Reverse Units
  • Tubulars

Optimized Solutions

Bringing it all together

KLX Energy Services' optimized solutions give you immediate access to everything you need to streamline mission-critical well support operations such as millout and debris cleanup, plug-and-perf operations or pipe recovery. This includes proven experts, specialized tools and new technologies together in one package—helping get you to production or back on track quickly.

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