New Innovations for
New Efficiencies

Research and Development

Developing Next Generation Tools and Technologies

Today's energy industry is under pressure to achieve new levels of operational efficiency and production economics. And sometimes that takes tools and technologies that simply don't yet exist. That's why KLX Energy Services maintains three full-time research and design facilities around the country—each dedicated to finding new innovations in operational efficiency.

Product Design

Our dedicated design team has developed numerous new field products already adding real value to our customers everyday. From new advanced downhole tools to the KLX Frac Relief Valve System, our engineers are always looking for the next level of oilfield service innovation.

Collaborative Engineering

Some of our R&D team's most powerful innovations have come as a result of customer collaboration. Our experienced engineers work closely with operators to better understand operational challenges in different regions around the country. The result is focused innovation that helps solve real-world problems.

Experienced Engineers

It takes engineers with decades of real-world project experience to develop tools that truly make an impact in the field. Our experienced product engineers make sure that the company only backs technology concepts with true, practical value for our customers nationwide.

R&D Locations

KLX Energy Services maintains three dedicated research and development locations nationwide. These facilities are each focused on a specific line of product development: downhole production service enhancement, technical services support and frac valve innovations.